About Me

I am a dreamer, developer, father and yet to discover.


Be happy 💛 Travel ❤️


  1. Skilled in all areas of product management, requirements analysis, and wire-framing.
  2. Proficient in a range of backend technologies, including PHP-based frameworks such as Symfony, Drupal and Joomla, CakePHP, PHP-OOP also have done full stack development with NodeJS, RabbitMQ,Kafka, ffmpeg.
  3. Experience with storage technologies like MySQL, Elasticsearch, DynamoDB,Apache Solr, MongoDB, Memcached,Redis,Cassandra.
  4. Extensive UI development experience with technoligies like React, Redux, AngularJs, jQuery, BackboneJS, HTML5, CSS3.
  5. Well versed with the SCMs Git (especially Github) and SVN
  6. Have developed applications using Facebook, Twitter, and Google APIs
  7. In-depth knowledge of web service technologies, API development, etc.
  8. Setup automated test and release systems empoying technologies such as Jest,Jasmine, WebDriverIO, Mocha, PHPUnit, Selenium, Jenkins CI, and xDebug
  9. Implemented serverless, data transformation and aggregation pipelines tech with AWS, Google platforms.

I have been working for past 10 years. First half was mostly backend tech and now I am doing fullstack.

How to connect with me?

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