The Beginning...


This is going to be my latest blogging attempt. I had stopped maintaining the blog for last couple of years. I like to discuss tech, js. Hope this blog provides me platform for the same.

Why ?

It gives a way to express my thoughts, opinions over situations. It gives me a break from continous flow of thoughts related to work. Provides an oppertunity to step back and retrospect things happening arround me. As 2019 turned, I got an oppertunity to start something new as a new year resolution. Speaking of resolutions there are some more,

  • Follow 9 to 5 work hours
  • Exercise minimum 4 days a week


I will be blogging about anything and everything that I experience in my work-n-life. I am planning to post a blog every week


I am using Netlify and Gatsby, to create a blog.

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